Would like to know more about my bear

by Erika

back view of bear

back view of bear

back view of bear
old bear
face of old teddy bear

Hi. I got this bear recently at an auction and I love him. But I don't know anything about him. I've looked through a few sites and I think he may be Chad Valley from the 50s, but I'm not certain. He is my first vintage bear and I am new to this. I had been collecting 80s toys up until now and I don't know much about teddies yet. He has no tags or marks to show where a tag had been. His head and limbs are jointed. His stuffing is fairly soft. It is possible he is missing some stuffing as he appears less ridgid than I think he should be. He has something hard inside his tummy - maybe some kind of device like a growler, but I am not familiar with them. His eyes are black and amber coloured and are in good condition. He has nice golden fur, but I can't tell if it's mohair. His mouth appears repaired (badly). His paws appear to be a canvas type material and what ever was over them is long worn off. He isn't in bad condition and needs a small repair to one paw. Any ideas on his identity and age would be greatly appreciated. Also, if what is in his tummy is a growler, is that something I can fix? Thanks in advance for any help and advice you can give me. Erika.

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Sep 02, 2015
Update on bear - still can't ID him
by: Erika

Hi again,
I've learned a little about my bear since the first post, but I still can't identify him.
He is 20 inches long from bottom of feet to top of head (not including ears). His amber eyes are wired and made of glass. He has Kapok arms and legs (some is coming out of a tare on his paw and it is definetly this) but his body and head is wood wool (it makes a crinkly noise when pressed). His fur is golden mohair and his paw pads used to be beige possibly velveteen. There appears to be a stiff wire in his tummy - it feels like a circle - this could be part of a device or something to add support? He has no claws. He has a hump. His arms get narrow at the ends, are long and taper up. All 5 joints work and appear to be card. His tummy seam only comes up as far are belly but goes all the way up his back. He has a knotted thread in the center of his chest - possibly where a tag used to be. There are no marks on his feet to suggest a past tag.
I think he looks a little like the Farnell Alpha bear, but the seams are different and no claws. Please help if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

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