Ww2 bear mystery

by andrea
(Grass Valley ca)


my mother was born 1938. her dad my grandfather was an officer in the Navy. his ship went down near Okinawa in 1945 and he survived. my memory had it that this was the bear he brought with him for her when he returned. all thefamily has passed, and i was trying to look up his vintage online… which got me confused and thinking maybe this bear came to her later in the Early 50s? only trying to know date not value really. hes dense but not crackly llike wood stuffing. his eyes were small amber like . long gone . no labels. i did find one bear sort of similar posted by a man who says he knew it was from the 40s as it was his… so that made me think it could be.. despite hes not jointed , nor has long arms.
any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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